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Missa apuncta for solo sopran, vocal ensemble, 2 guitars, violin solo and organs: (2016)
EN Missa Apuncta is the contemporary piece for chorus, organs, violin, guitars and soprano specially composed in honor of the 1050 Anniversary of Christianity in Poland for the International Chopin and Friends Festival. The piece except the classical instruments uses: police whistle, kalimba and singing bowl. In writing this piece I plan to continue the tradition started by Moniuszko and modern : Kilar, Penderecki in writing religious music rooted on the Polish history, but extended by the other cultures sounds. I composed it in NYC and finished in Rome in August 2016. It is divided into seven movements and uses Latin text from mass and English texts from short spiritual poems from around the world: Intrata A&B, Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus et Benedicuts, Agnus Dei, Ite Missa est. The polish phrase “Jezu Chryste" or in oldpolish - Jezus Kryst. is used throughout the piece as a connective tissue - leitmotive for all the movements. The piece uses theatrical actions especially in the solo sopran part. Piece ueses processions at the beginning and at the of the piece. Kyrie is meditative and inspired by the theater of Noa, Gloria is a passionate dance with African rhythms and instrumentals solos, Credo is short and declamative piece inspired by the gregorian chants after which comes its english answer - I Believe which is the central operatic aria of the piece. After that comes synthetic Sanctus and Benedictus and final Agnus Dei which is sung a capella in a very slow tempo. Piece ends by the organs solo: Ite missa est.
First performance: 20.11.2016, St, Kostka Church, Brooklyn, NY