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Two and Half Piano installation: (2015)
EN Two and Half Piano There are 88 keys on a piano, spanning 7 and 1/3 octaves of music scale. Each octave includes 12 keys – 7 white & 5 black. In western culture, music is developed based on a heptatonic system (7-tone scale), whereas eastern music rests on a pentatonic system (5-tone scale). If we visualize the two scale systems on a piano, they each respond to, respectively, white and black keys. Using 220 keys total, this installation attempts to reconstruct the western & eastern cultural / musical landscape through a geometric dance of interference. Three sound samples have been composed according to 3 unique viewing angles of the installation: all black keys, all white keys, and a mixture of both. Each sample is created based on the composer’s interpretation of the represented music of that particular moment. Please pick up a headset and listen to the sound sample carefully, see if you can capture the moment where your vision and your hearing strike a chord!
First performance: 22.11.2015. Slavic Center/ Brooklyn