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2019 Kleiner Marsch fur Blaser Orchestre
2019 Around the B-E-ES installation
2019 OJIBBEWAY for Flute, Accordion and Piano
2019 Trizofian Thoughts from Hudson for Guitar, Violin and Viola
2018 Chroset V: Styrophonic Willows for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Piano
2018 JUL for symphonic orchestra
2018 Somber Brush for Band
2018 Pieniny-Strzeliny (Pieninan Gasps) for Accordion Solo
2018 Ticking Gleam for Piano and 3 Percussionsists
2018 Mazurka-Fantasy for Piano
2018 Chains of Polon for orchestra
2018 Skyscraping Chaconne for orchestra
2018 Culms of Time for Piano Quintet
2018 Culms for Youth Guitar Ensemble
2018 Union Square at Dusk for Percussion Quartet
2017 Fraszki durbaszki for Viola and Percussion
2017 Drei Deutsche Souvenirs fur Blaser Quintet
2017 BRINA for chamber orchestra
2017 Blue York dust for voices
2017 3 Inks for Solo Violin
2017 Act for T.K. for Cello and Piano
2017 Orfeorium per Claudio for Flute, Harp, String Trio
2017 Double Emissions for 2 Piccolos and 2 Flutes C
2017 Oniricana for orchestra
2017 Dance of Fortune for Strings and Timpani
2017 Fallen Azures for Violin, Cello and String Orchestra
2017 The Screams of Kain for Organs with melodica
2017 Redlander for 8 Trombones
2017 Sgraffito for Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Percussion, Piano, Violin and Double Bass
2017 Eine Kleine Taschen Musik
2017 Tamburion for 2 guitars and string quartet
2017 S:ER;EN?A!D!E of U- for Guitar and 2 ping-pongs
2017 Night Changes for septet
2016 Polish Lake for Piano
2016 Vivaldi Ride/Ruvido for Strings
2016 Astorian Dyptyque for Piano
2016 Toy Games for Toy Piano perfromence with toy horn and bird whistle
2016 Missa apuncta for solo sopran, vocal ensemble, 2 guitars, violin solo and organs
2016 Diverging Lacunas for Strings
2016 A Bit of Glass for Violin and Piano
2016 Metal Royks for 2 Trombones and Tuba
2016 Dotted Twists for Saxophone Quartet
2016 Ricercari di primavera per Oboe et Sassofono
2015 Floating Skies for electronics
2015 From Tears for Violin, Clarinet and Piano
2015 Stone Talks for Sopran and instruments
2015 Two and Half Piano installation
2015 Christmas Postcard for Strings
2015 Lexington Run for Strings
2015 Profumo per accordion et quartetto di archi
2015 Lotos Rhymes for Piano
2015 Brevis for sopran and Double Bass/Cello
2015 Guidonium for 2 percussionists
2015 Grand Royks Brilliante for orchestra
2015 Canzonetta Minore per due violini et viola
2015 Carbonic Royks for Tuba and Strings
2015 Titulus for 6 Clarinets
2015 Alt Center for Alto Flute and Tapping
2015 Tubes for brasses
2015 Korpodyque for Violin, Haegum, Gayagum, Piano
2015 Covers for Piano
2015 Sonettorium for baritone and string quartet
2014 Obertons for 2 pianists and staging
2014 Aquamarine for orchestra
2014 [email protected] for strings
2014 SQ 2: Floating Microdreams
2014 Possibilities for chorus
2014 Gateway for Organs and assistant
2014 J-ete for flute, bassoon and piano with staging
2014 Around the Blue-S for chamber orchestra
2014 Chroset IV: Luton for strings
2014 I-Act for 2 percussions
2014 Oratio Akita for chorus
2014 A to B for Sax Quartet
2013 Burgh of Pi. for orchestra
2013 Pas de deux for Accordion, Cello and Video
2013 Finding You for Brass Trio
2013 Biblical SMSes for female chorus and orchestra
2013 Waves for ensemble
2013 Chroset II: Duons for Trombone (with electronics)
2013 Flow for 2 flutes
2013 Around the bends for piccolo, clarinet, violin, viola,cello, double bass and trombone
2013 Letters to Halny for clarinet and video
2013 Ostlandler for woodwind quintet
2013 Dance me to the end of rock for Cello and Piano
2013 Let's talk folk for violin, bassoon and harpsichord/toy piano
2013 2-Oxo-L-threo-hexono-1,4-lactone2,3-enediol for string quartet
2013 Squirrel Ball with Major F. for orchestra
2012 Cosas que pudieron ser for voice and prepared piano
2012 Sandy Sculptures for wind orchestra
2012 I'vo piangendo for bass-baritone and string quartet
2012 Blocken-glockEn for Piano, percussion and Double bass
2012 Le barche di Maccagno for flute, guitar and live video
2012 Pinocchio for E flat clarinet and toy piano
2012 al F..e for clarinet, viola and piano
2012 Chroset III: pok-a-tok for flute, harp, double bass, 3 percussions and visualizations
2012 The spirals of Gregory for ensemble
2012 Fragmenti ecclesiastici for chorus
2012 String Quartet No.I "Postcards from Pittsburgh"
2011 Ciuchcia Tuwima for prepared piano
2011 BAden-baDen-badEn for accordion, violin, piano, harp and 2 percussions
2011 Marching Pumpkins for orchestra
2011 Milorzenie for baritone, contralt, ensemble and live video
2011 The king and knights for oboe quintet
2011 Songs of the Day for Trombone quartet
2011 Chroset I: Microns for flute, clarinet and cello
2011 Mitochondium A. for strings and percussion
2011 Song before twelve for Piano Solo
2011 Het Bord for 10 instruments
2011 Arlequin for piccolo and piano
2010 Mahjong for flute, saxophone, oboe, piano and electric piano
2010 Those calls&cells for 3 Trumpets, 3 Horns, 3 Trombones
2010 Shakes for oboe, marimba, drum kit and accordion
2010 Stacja - Station for sopran, alt, piano and toy piano
2010 Tremito di Pandora per Clavicembalo Solo
2010 PieniƄskie Pantomimy for solo flutes
2010 Symphony A.D. 2010 for orchestra
2010 It was a funny winter story for Violin, Bassoon and Trombone
2009 Sang Mo for Piano Solo
2009 Squarred Terraces for 2 pianos and percussion
2009 March on the vinyl stairs for flute, guitar and harpsichord
2009 Rolaneska for violin and piano
2009 Motet in the glaze of Bergson for Piano, Violin(Clarinet) and Cello
2009 Praludes of that land for drammatic sopran and string quartet
2009 The [email protected] for symphonic orchestra
2009 Grajcarku Moj Grojze Mi Nutki Swe for Flute Solo
2009 TELEGRAM for electric guitar, clarinet and piano
2009 IN ATONEMENT for men's choir
2009 JANCIO MUZYKANT for string quartet, computer and child
2009 HIPPOCAMPUS for marimba, vibraphone and electronic sounds
2009 FANFARES PROCESSION for symphonic orchestra
2008 Polandia for chorus and orchestra
2008 BELGISCHE HUMORESKE for guitar and violin
2008 MAGIC MAP for harp
2008 JAM.exe for string orchestra
2008 DUST for acoustc and electronic orchestra
2008 Overture Talk for small orchestra
2008 Continental brain version 0.01
2008 Oratio Fatima for mixed choir
2008 Sonata in two rooms for horn and cello
2007 Frozen moments for oboe, violin and Double bass(Cello)
2007 WalkinG for Solo Cello
2007 Fantasy from stele for Double bass and Piano
2007 Combinations on Olympus
2007 Refrained Wheel for Amplified Harpsichord,Accordion and Double Bass
2007 Antiphon for Strings, Clarinet and Trumpet
2007 PhatopoiAposiopesis( Requiem per gli avi) for Chamber Orchestra and Piano
2006 Piece for string quartet
2006 Clockophonia for Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Marimba and Xylophone
2006 Genesis II At the Shadows' Theatre for StringTrio, Male and Female Voices
2006 An Ancient Book for Voice and Piano
2006 ApokElipsis for Chamber Orchestra
2006 ...Crucifixus... for Unaccompanied Mixed Choir
2006 Aleatoranka for Piano
2005 Matrix for Instrument(s)
2005 Visions from light for Solo Piano
2005 Genesis I for Solo Harpsichord
2004 DSCH for Flute, Vibraphone, Piano and Double Bass
2002 Sonem JP for Alto Saxophone and Piano