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20th edition of the Chopin and Friends Festival in NYC
2018-10-01 07:09:18
This year 20th Anniversary Edition of the Chopin and Friends Festival in New York Jakub Polaczyk as a new music director invited 4 Corners Ensemble for a concert on the Nov 16 at the Polish Consulate in NYC. As a part of the festival is being held composition competition judged by M. Chyrzynski, S. Li, 4 Corners Ensemble and Jakub Polaczyk. Jakub is also writing new piece for the 100th anniversary of the independence of Poland "Styrophonic Willows". At the concert winning compositions of the contest will be presented works by F. Chopin, S.Li, M.Chyrzynski, J. Polaczyk and composition competition winners: R. Heller, Ye Leishuo, K. Ochman.
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