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Frozen Moments (2007) in Krakow
Frozen Moments (dedicated to Professor A. Kaczynski) will be performed at the concert hall in Music Academy in Krakow, March 4, during the concert in memory of a legendary new music mentor - Professor Adam Kaczynski.
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Oratio Fatima selected for recording on the New Choral Voices Vol.4
"Oratio Fatima" got selected for recording in March in Cincinatti by ABLAZE RECORDS Company. The Polish Federal Credit Union and Polish&Slavic Center got donations but still looking for some help through GOFUNDME page. Thank you for support:: https://www.gofundme.com/release-on-ablaze-records-new-c ...
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Voyage at the OUA Electroacustic Festival
"Voyage" video to the music of J. Polaczyk will be presented at Osaka University of Arts in November 22 to 24.
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Jakub Polaczyk
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