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Upcoming premiere of Sgraffito for Mise-En Ensemble
"Sgraffito" for 7 instruments written for Mise-En Ensemble and dedicated to Moon Young Ha as a COLA project will take premiere by Mis-En Ensemble May 26th in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
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Lecture at the University of Wisconsin in Madison
June 16 Jakub will give a lecture at the MACRO Conference in Madison, Wisoncisn about "Duochoral tradition of the St. Mark in Venice and the reuse of the technique by Polish composers from F. Chopin to the present".
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June in Buffalo 2017
Jakub will participate at the June in Buffalo Festival for emerging composers where will be perfromed his al f..e, between June 5-11 at the University of Buffalo.
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Jakub Polaczyk
jakub polaczyk