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Honorable distinctions on the American Prize in Composition
Good news! The American Prize in Composition 2017/2018 and Jakub's pieces got two honorable distinctions in the professional division: in the choral (for Missa Apuncta) and in the instrumental category (for Tamburion):
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Brevis on the IFCC 2018 in Cracow
"Brevis" for Sopran and Cello for Blanka Dembosz and Lukasz Laxy will be performed on the International Cracow Days on sunday April 15 at the Music Academy of Cracow at 4 pm.
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"S:ER;EN?A!D!E of U-" during Conference at the Coastal Carolina University
S:ER;EN?A!D!E of U- for Guitar and 2 ping-pongs will be presented by composer on the CMS 2018 Mid-Atlantic Conference (48th)March 30–31, 2018 at the Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC.
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Jakub Polaczyk
jakub polaczyk