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Portrait Concert at Spectrum NYC.
March 12, 7 pm at Spectrum in NYC - Monographic Concert featuring chamber works for : Marimba, Piano, string quartet, trombone and Piano.
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Missa apuncta November premiere in New York
Missa appuncta written for the 1050 anniversary of Polish Christianity will have its premiere at the final concert of the of Chopin and Friends Festival in New York. Kostko Church, Greenpoint, November 20, 5 pm. http://www.nydai.org/nydaiwp/about/festival-2016/
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Flute pieces in Szczecin - November 9.
Extraordinary contemporary Polish flutist Renata Guzik for whom were written "Pantomimes from Pieniny" will give solo perfromance as a part of the Polsih Music Concert featuring also: Grajcarku moj & Cosik mi szumi jok zoiwoniam. Concert will be held at the Music of Art Chamber Hall in Szczecin, N ...
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Jakub Polaczyk
jakub polaczyk